Health Insurance for Private Unsupervised Students in the United States


The Cultural Office in conjunction with the Health Office has been authorized to offer health insurance coverage for private unsupervised students enrolled in academic programs in the United States. 

Eligibility for the Program

Students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for health insurance coverage:

  • They must be pursuing fulltime studies at colleges or universities that are approved by the Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Students enrolled in Intensive English programs will be covered for one year provided they have an academic admission to an approved college/university.
  • Students must be in good standing as defined by the college or university in which they are enrolled.
  • Students must be in proper status as defined by the U.S. Immigration authorities.
  • The maximum period of health insurance coverage allowed is 1 year for the Intensive English, 4 years for undergraduate study, 1 year for students enrolled in OPT (Optional Practical Training).
  • Coverage for graduate students will be based on the length of the academic program as defined by the university.
  • In keeping with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education, the maximum period of health insurance coverage is two years for students enrolled in community colleges.
  • The age of the student pursuing undergraduate studies should not exceed 35 years.
  • Dependents (spouse/children) of students registered for health insurance are also covered provided they are in the United States with the student.

Documentation Required

  •  Admission Certification
  • Current contact information (home address, email, telephone (home & mobile).
  • Copy of I-20 and admission letter upon first time entry to an approved program. Students who transfer schools must provide an updated I-20.
  • Copy of passport with a valid visa and I-94 form
  • 2 passport-size pictures
  • Verification of enrollment at the beginning of each term to maintain coverage.
  • Official transcript at the end of each academic term.
  • Dependents must provide all of the above-documents except for proof of program enrollment

Students who meet the requirements must submit the required documents to the following address:

Embassy of the State of Kuwait

Cultural Division

Attn: Sohair Khalid – Health Insurance Secretary

3500 International Drive, NW Washington, DC 20008

Phone: (202) 364-2136


Details of the insurance coverage will be provided once all documents are received and registration is finalized. All issues relating to health coverage must then be directed to the Health Office. Their contact information is as follows:

Student Health Department

Kuwait Health Office

4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 502

Washington, DC 20008

Phone: (202) 686-4304

Fax: (202) 686-4308


Marybeth Byrdy - Student Health Advisor




Emergency Line:     + (1) 202 364 2104

Office Number:       + (1) 202 364 2100

Fax Number:           + (1) 202 363 8394


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m est


Employees Only



Embassy/Consulates Contacts

Main Embassy:            + (1) 202 262 0758

Health Office:             + (1) 202 320 2415

LA Cultural Office:        + (1) 424 666 4214

LA General Consulate:   + (1) 310 279 3644

NY General Consulate:  + (1) 917 242 6688

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