University Degrees (degree earned) / Enrollment Verification (no degree earned)

*All requests for authentication of academic records (i.e. University degrees earned and/or Enrollment Verification - credits earned only) must be first registered in the Ministry of Higher Education’s Dayrah Equivalency System at

Please be advised of the required documents for authentication which must be uploaded on the Dayrah System, as follows:

  1. Copy of passport.
  2. Copy of Kuwait Civil ID.
  3. Two Official transcripts which must be received directly from the school (Official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended were credits apply towards the degree are required).
  4. Copy of diploma / certificate of graduation (if graduated).
  5. Completed Verification of Nontraditional Courses Form from all schools attended where credits apply towards the degree being authenticated (form must be completed by Registrar’s Office/University Adviser).  Click here for form.
  6. Copy of previously authenticated admission letter or I-20 of degree program, if applicable.
  7. Official transcripts of last two prior degrees earned (i.e. High School transcript, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD)
  8. If prior degrees/diploma were earned from private institution inside Kuwait or any institution outside of Kuwait, provide copies of the Equivalency Certificate issued by:
    1. Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education (for University degrees)
    2. Kuwait Ministry of Education (for High School).  Must indicate "SCIENCE" or "LITERARY/ART"
  9. For students who changed their names, a copy of court order approving name change must be presented.

Click here for Degree Authentication Form or here for Enrollment Verification (credits earned only).

The Cultural Office reserves the right to request for additional documentation if needed.

IMPORTANT : Below are the regulations for nontraditional courses:

*Credits from Training institutes are not considered university level courses and are not recognized per MOHE letter #WTA/10/n.f/7227 dated 9/8/2013.

Undergraduate Study

  1. Maximum of 2-4 nontraditional courses, not to exceed 12 credits, per MOHE regulations, Article 4, Section 2, Item #9.
  2. Online courses are not allowed at 2-year colleges effective Summer 2016 per MOHE letter #WTA/9/ZM dated 1/5/2016.
  3. Graduates of Literary/Art section High Schools may not pursue Science majors at the university level as stated in Decree #192 dated 4/21/2010.

Graduate Study

  1. Nontraditional courses are not allowed at the Graduate level effective 4/13/2015 per MOHE correspondence #WTA/9/AA dated 4/13/2015.


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