Please create your KSIMS account

Proceed in completing your account registration

  • Upload both your civil ID and most recently issued passport
  • Ensure that yours and your emergency contact is current (phone/email/address)

Upload all and any required items in your KSIMS Documents section as a .pdf file format.

Submit an admission approval request application (this video guide should help identify your Student Type)

  1. Sponsored Student are the ones with ESL or Academic scholarship
  2. Private Under Supervision are students with deposits with our office
  3. Unsupervised Merit are students applying for scholarship with an admission to a Merit school
  4. Unsupervised Conventional are the ones applying for undergraduate conventional scholarship and have earned at least 27 acceptable/transferable credits with a minimum GPA of 2.50 (download checklist of requirements here)
  5. Unsupervised are students seeking admission certification for health Insurance and/or social allowance purposes

Upload all and any required items in your KSIMS Documents section as a .pdf file format.

  • Items listed on the Admission Certification Checklist (download here)
  • Completed and signed Full Disclosure of Educational Background form (download here), including documents listed under each option that applies to you
  • Completed and signed Authorization to Represent and Release Information form (download here)
  • Completed and signed Verification of Admission/Enrollment form (download here, then send it to the Registrar’s/Admissions/Program Office for completion; we must receive it directly from the school)
  • Note: Official transcript/s must be sent by all the schools attended directly to our office. If an electronic transcript is available,  please send your official e-transcript through the schools’ online ordering system directly to

Paper transcripts should be sent to our address:

Additional required items from Non-Kuwaiti Students

  • Foreign passport
  • Mother’s Kuwaiti passport

Other required items from Scholarship Students requesting a change of scholarship location to the U.S.

  • Letter from the Kuwait Cultural Office where you are transferring from which shows your scholarship status and scholarship major
  • Clear copy of the transcripts from the country you are transferring from (in English)

Note: You must be currently enrolled as a full-time student  (12 credits or more) majoring in an approved program at an approved school. You can check if your program is approved by checking our university listings website (click here). If your program is not on the list, you may request a program evaluation by submitting this FORM:   Note that admission to the program will not be authenticated until the program is approved by Kuwait.

Additional video guides on how to use KSIMS can be found on our website.

The Kuwait Cultural Office reserves the right to request additional documentation if needed. Please be advised that failure to submit and/or upload all the requirements in a timely manner will result in a processing delay of your request of certification/authentication.



Emergency Line:     + (1) 202 364 2104

Office Number:       + (1) 202 364 2100

Fax Number:           + (1) 202 363 8394


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m est


Employees Only



Embassy/Consulates Contacts

Main Embassy:            + (1) 202 262 0758

Health Office:             + (1) 202 320 2415

LA Cultural Office:        + (1) 424 666 4214

LA General Consulate:   + (1) 310 279 3644

NY General Consulate:  + (1) 917 242 6688

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