Contacts - All

First Name Last Name Work Phone Email Job Title Department
Adel Ben Boubaker 202.364.2116 Administrative Assistant Information Technology
Adel Malallah, Ph.D. 202.364.2128 Cultural Attache Cultural Attache's Office
Alaaeldin Awad 202.364.2143 Accountant Accounting
Amanda Eggers 202.364.2119 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Amber Campbell 202.364.2168 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Amina Elshaer 202.364.2194 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Anita (Nitz) Balajadia 202.364.2153 Secretary Translation & Secretarial
April Stratman 202.364.2121 Academic Advisor Graduate
Arlin Dela Rosa 202.364.2158 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Aseel Abdulrahman Alawadhi, Ph.D. 202.364.2112 Cultural Counselor/Director Cultural Counselor's Office
Cecila Rodriguez-Lamas 202.364.2154 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Cecilia Cancio 202.364.2145 Assistant Director Undergraduate
Cecilia De Guzman 202.364.2155 Secretary Translation & Secretarial
Christina Palis 202.364.2174 Secretary Information Technology
Chynna Calixto 202.364.2185 Secretary Graduate
Cintya Galarza 202.364.2111 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Clarisse Martires-Marquez 202.364.2113 Placement Advisor Graduate
Denise Joy Cheng 202.364.2154 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Dennis Arellano 202.364.2182 Driver Administration
Dina Stahlman 202.364.2172 Secretary (arabic) Translation & Secretarial
Dodjie Jose 202.364.2141 Microfilm Clerk Administration
Eileen LaFortune 202.364.2138 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Elizabeth Jabarin 202.364.2195 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Fatma Forbin 202.364-2126 Executive Secretary/Translator Translation & Secretarial
Fernando Sicat 202.364.2108 Mailroom Clerk Administration
Francis Marie Miller 202.364.2144 Secretary Authentication & Placement
George Sy 202.364.2161 Computer Programmer Information Technology
Gianelle Tianco 202.364.2149 Secretary Administration
Haleema Noor 202.364.2171 Financial Auditor Accounting
Harsha Padaruth 202.364.2135 Academic Advisor Graduate
Hassan Ghods 202.364.2118 Director Information Technology
Holly Johnston 202.364.2137 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Ihab El-Amine 202.364.2193 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Irina Rangelova 202.364.2179 Secretary Authentication & Placement
Issam Lenghi 202.364.2156 Director Undergraduate
Jacquelyn Castillo 202.364.2137 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Jeannette Moutran 202.364.2109 Translator/Secretary Authentication & Placement
Jocelyn Ong 202.364.2112 Secretary Cultural Counselor's Office
Kathleen Mercado 202.364.2114 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Katia Ghaoui 202.364.2124 Administrative Assistant Graduate
Katrina Montemayor 202.364.2146 Secretary Authentication & Placement
Kristine Cheng 202.364.2101 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Lana El-Boustany 202.364.2147 Translator Translation & Secretarial
Leonibel Ambas 202.364.2167 Accountant Accounting
Lorraine Ledesma 202.364.2157 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Ma. Jelica Villaviza 202.364.2122 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Maria Angelica Barros 202.364.2186 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Maria Feliza Domingo 202.364.2132 Administration Secretary Administration
Marilyn Caldo 202.364.2196 Messenger Administration
Mervat Mahmoud 202.364.2188 Translator Translation & Secretarial
Mohammad Jaffry 202.364.2142 Director Administration
Nada Hamim 202.364.2185 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Najla Alfaraj, Ph.D. 202.364.2106 Cultural Attache Cultural Attache's Office
Nhorly Grey Ramos 202.364.2194 Secretary Accounting
Nicole Halat 202.364.2187 Academic Advisor Authentication & Placement
Noida Ashton 202.364.2115 Director Authentication & Placement
Pablito Tacazon 202.364.2184 Driver Administration
Padideh Jalali-Shirazi 202.364.2152 Academic Advisor Graduate
Parichehr Navai 202.364.2164 Director Graduate
Pirrelli Lao 202.364.2173 Secretary Accounting
Rabea White 202.364.2160 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Rania Al-Azem 202.364.2130 Accountant Accounting
Regina (Reggie) Dela Cruz 202.364.2129 Admissions Advisor Authentication & Placement
Rita Abdalla 202.364.2125 Accountant Accounting
Romeo Ramos 202.364.2199 Building Maintenance Administration
Sanja Crnogorac 202.364.2159 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Saya Meirambay 202.364.2151 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Shahrazad Sayf 202.364.2101 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Sherif Salem 202.364.2105 Assistant Director Accounting
Sherri Brand 202.364.2175 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Shiela Baldoz 202.364.2197 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Shoghig Sahakyan 202.364.2192 Director PAAET
Sohair Khalid 202.364.2136 Secretary Translation & Secretarial
Susan Francia 202.364.2128 Secretary Cultural Attache's Office
Tarek Abdelaziz 202.364.2191 tabdelaziz Director Translation & Secretarial
Theresa Comoda 202.364.2165 Academic Advisor Undergraduate
Trixia Manalac 202.364.2198 Secretary Translation & Secretarial
Valerie Puiatti 202.364.2152 Academic Advisor Graduate
Yvette Ly 202.364.2170 Director Accounting

Contact / Hours Of Operations

OFFICE NUMBER: 202.364.2100

FAX NUMBER: 202.363.8394


Monday through Friday

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m est





The Cultural Office of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait

3500 International Drive, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008


Employees Only


In Case Of Emergencies

In case of emergencies, please contact the Embassy/Consulate responsible for your area as specified below:

For District of Columbia (DC), Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Contact Main Embassy at 202.262.0758

For Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin.  Contact New York Consulate at 917.242.6688

For Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  Contact Los Angeles Consulate at 310.279.3644

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