**Equipment Allowance

Postgraduate Physicians and Dentists are entitled to a one time equipment allowance of up to 800 KD payable upon receipt of confirmation of purchase and a support letter from the program director.
**Child Tuition

You are eligible for child tuition reimbursement if your child is three years old or older and enrolled in either a formal child care center or public/private school.   To receive reimbursement you must submit a receipt from the school, on school letterhead, which shows the dates of attendance, your child's name, fee labels and amounts.  Only mandatory fees required of all students for attendance can be paid.  



Ticket Reservations after Authorization

Kuwait Airways (United States):
1001 Connecticut Ave., NW          Tel No: 1-800-424-1128, 202-296-4644
Suite 715                 Fax No: 202-296-7895    
Washington, DC 20036          

Kuwait Airways (Canada)        Tel No: 416-926-1275
77 Bloor St W,
Toronto, ON M5S 1M2 Canada

Kindly provide Kuwait Airways the following information:

1.    Full name
2.    Passport No. and Expiration Date
3.    Date of Birth
4.    Telephone Number
5.    Dates of Travel    



What do I do if I'm graduating soon?

Please provide us with the following information upon completion of your program:

•    A letter from the university confirming the completion date of your program which states the date of which you met all the requirements of your degree, and your final degree transcripts which indicate the "Degree Conferred" date.  Please note the completion letter should be written only once you have met the requirements and should not state that "you will complete."
•    Medical/Dental: Copies of the results of your certification/ board examinations.
•    Your letter advising us of your departure date, and requesting final airline tickets

Will I receive a shipping allowance?

You are entitled to a final shipping allowance ($450 per person, maximum of 5 people) or one extra luggage per person.




Emergency Line:     + (1) 202 364 2104

Hotline/WhatsApp:  + (1) 202 926 5868

Office Number:       + (1) 202 364 2100

Fax Number:           + (1) 202 363 8394


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m est


Employees Only



Embassy/Consulates Contacts

Main Embassy:            + (1) 202 262 0758

Health Office:             + (1) 202 320 2415

LA Cultural Office:        + (1) 424 666 4214

LA General Consulate:   + (1) 310 279 3644

NY General Consulate:  + (1) 917 242 6688

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