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In accordance to the Ministry of Higher Education decision, each English language program should only have a maximum total of 50 Kuwaiti students at any given time.

We strongly suggest that students apply to several English language programs to have other options in case their preferred school has reached maximum capacity.

The Cultural Office of the Kuwait Embassy seeks to promote the higher education plans and strategies of the Kuwaiti government by placing its scholars in quality programs, and preparing them for the market needs of the country. In addition, the Office aims to establish and strengthen its links with American educators and institutions of higher learning for the benefit of Kuwait. Furthermore, the Cultural Office is committed to establishing linkages and cooperative endeavors to enhance cross-cultural understanding between Kuwait and American Society at large.

Beginning in the 1950's the Kuwait Cultural Office has served the needs of Kuwaiti students pursuing higher education in the United States and Canada. Through its staff of professional educators, the Office administers the scholarship programs of Kuwait government agencies, private institutions and charitable foundations:


Office Closed for Thanksgiving Day: Nov 27-28, 2014(11/18/14)


Civil Service Amendment of Some of the Articles for Scholarship and study Leave.(Circular No(11)for(2014)


Delegation of Duties(09/23/14)


MOHE Scholarship Plan/Majors Assigned for the Academic Year of 2014/2015 in the United States(7/09/14)



Professional Development Initiative (PDI)Summary &Application(03/13/14)


Guidelines for Hurricane Season (9/24/12)

GCC Cultural Missions Advisor Workshop(December 2013 )(12/17/13)



Steps on Applying for Academic Admission(03/08/13)

Outbreak of Influenza (FLU) across the United States (arabic) (01/11/13)

Statement to Students for the 2012-2013 Academic Year (arabic)(9/11/12)

UPDATE: Certification of Academic Records(6/25/12)

Important Notice for Students Regarding U.S. Immigration Violations(6/14/12)

MOHE Decree No(19) dated 22 MARCH 2012(4/20/12)

Academic Placement for Graduates of the British System(07/05/12)

Guide to Applying for Intensive English (ESL) Programs at U.S. Universities.(Arabic)(07/05/12)

Pre-Arrival Information(5/20/13)






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